Women Police Stations

Role of women in Lahore Police force started as early as the establishment of independent Pakistan.  But at that time they were only limited to search and security  of the accused women.  First real milestone came in 1995 with the establishment of the first Women Police Station in Lahore on 23rd May, 1995.  It was established in the building of the Race Course Police Station.  Since then their role has become similar to that of any other police officer.  They are authorized and capable of handling applications directly and registration of cases along with the investigation and subsequent disposal of cases. A full-fledged Women Police Station functions in Lahore in the premises of the Race Course Police Station on Race Course Road in Lahore. Women Complaint Centres have been operating in the following areas.

  • Gulberg
  • phone: 9263150

  • Muslim Town
  • phone: 9230278

  • Lower Mall
  • Phone: 9213481

  • Race Course Road
  • Phone: 9200278

Each of these centres are staffed with women police officers. They provide prompt help to female victims of crime and domestic violence. They also provide legal advice and counselling to women.The performance of the women police station has been satisfactory over the years.  Women of Lahore police are now confidently working in all the Police stations of Lahore.  At present there is a woman DSP heading all sorts of Investigations relating to crimes against women. The office of DSP Investigation is in Police Station Civil Lines building Lahore.  Although presently women police are not active investigation officers in other Police stations besides the Women Police Station, yet they are always available to lend a hand to the police station staff in day to day activities.