Benifits of Reporting A Crime

Whenever you have been misfortuned with a crime, the first thing you should do is to report the crime. It would go in your favour in the following ways.

Suppose you have not reported the crime to police, any of the criminal is arrested in some other crime or in someother police action. He will be called out much of the crimes he had done before. In case of reporting, your money or goods may be return to you with the tracking of your FIR. If you dont have reported to police, then you cant get anything back.

Suppose your car or motobike is stolen. Criminal goes on murder people or arrested in street crime or any other crime. Police will investigate againt the car or motorbike got from the criminal. The Police can arrest you as well, if you have not reported the missing of your car or motorbike. In other case. If you have reported to police then it is very much in favor for you as you can easily be out of the crime, also your car or motorbike will be return to you.

CPLC team has been doing much work to return the stolen things to the general public. We are investigating the police so whenever they found a criminal, and get stolen things, they are bound to check the reports done by the public. It is in your favor that you report the crime and help the law enforcemnet committes to show their performance and let you get benifits.

CPLC Lahore has tried to give the public every right they have in law. We are supposed to be in with the police and general public.