General Security Measures

Message from CPLC

Please do not get worried of crimes, you just need to be careful and be informed that we are here to help you out form any misfortune. We are making everything possible that police can help you out. CPLC is trying its best to safe our people, Please read the following security tips, it will help you in minimizing the threats of crime surely. If you need any help, just call CPLC Lahore at 1261, we will be providing your further help and will do anything to help you out from the hands of criminals, REMEMBER, we need your help to make all this possible. Don't get worried, just report us about the crime, we are help to help you. "CPLC Team" Think safely



Value of your life

-Your life is Priceless. Value it !

-Do not frequently visit Video Shops, avoid public Billiard Places

-Never ever become friendly with strangers.

-Always keep someone informed or note your fears

-Identify friends you can be proud of

-Never get involved with Teachers especially at Tuition Centres, it is merely infatuation. It is also a breach of trust bestowed by your parents. Report all such advances / intentions of your teacher to your parents / friends / school principal

-Do not eat sweet supari/ pan masala/ gutka, etc. Many of them contain additive ingredients.

-Say No to Drugs !



Personal Security

-A criminal can attacks you or your family can take place at anywhere, as can a fire or other disaster. However, you can influence what happens to you by assuming more responsibility for your personal security. the most serious obstacle to personal safety is an attitude of complacency or fatalism. “It can’t happen to me” and “if it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen” is dangerous thinking.


Family Security

-Do not display your name on the gate of your apartment/ house, just the address.

-Auto Lock System at gate and doors connected to a speaker system and closed circuit TV around the house and entrance porch

-Discourage display of Mobile Phone by children

-Never sit in the front with Home Drivers or Van Drivers

-Do not Drive without a License

-Careful while getting inside and when leaving Lockers, Banks, Moneychangers and approaching ATM machines

-Use your mobile phone to call the place / house you intend to visit. It helps establishing your last location and movement.

-Do not leave old people on their own at the mercy of mere servants.

-a. Always install a digital telephone line with Caller ID

-If you found any one blackmailing, do not get worried and do not waste your time, call CPLC at 1261/ Police at 15, it will help you to get out of the misfortune early and safely

-Do not make friends through phone

-Do not encourage chatting with strangers on Internet or lead to personal relationship


Handle Kidnappers

-Give the kidnapper your residence telephone number having caller ID and name to contact. (negotiator)

-Be calm, family must inform Police on emergency No. 15 or CPLC on 1261 immediately, for assistance and training on how to deal with the situation.

-Father and son should preferably not travel to work together. Also do not carry a cheque-book, if necessary write fake / coded balance on counterfoil, so as not to disclose the actual financial status.


Child Abduction/Molestation prevention

-Take head-to-shoulder photos every six months for children aged six and younger, annually for older children; make note of birthmarks and other distinguishing features including medical, dental history and finger prints

-Teach your child his full name, your full name, address, and telephone number. Make sure you teach him how to make local and long distance phone calls. Even a small child can be taught to dial “15” for help, or, “1261” CPLC operator. Find out if “15” or CPLC is servicing your local area.

-Listen attentively when your child talks about “a man or woman” he or she met in your absence. Create an environment in which the child feels free to talk to you, let him/her know that you are interested and sensitive to their fears.

-Teach your child not to wander off, to keep you in sight at all times, and to avoid lonely places.

-Keep your child in sight at all times; when your child is away from you, know whom he or she is with and where

-Teach your child never to go anywhere with anyone who doesn’t know a family “code” word.

-Don’t let your child accept rides from anyone with whom you haven’t made previous arrangements-even if they are known or a friend of the family.

-Children should immediately tell you if someone has asked them to keep a secret from you.

-Never leave your child alone in a public place, stroller or car, not even for a minute

-Tell your child about the abduction problem in a calm and simple way as if you were teaching any other important coping skill

-Teach your child that it’s OK to run away or to scream if someone is making him or her do something he or she should not do

-Children should scream and scatter books and belongings, if they are forced towards a building or a car.

-Children should not take candy or other gifts from strangers or anyone else without asking a parent first.

-Children should know that no one, even their teacher does not have the right to touch any part of their bodies that a bathing suit would cover

-Accompany your child on the day of issuance of Report Card to school.


Please help CPLC and Police

-Educate others what you have learnt regarding personal safety.See or Hear anything suspicious/criminal, call CPLC 1261

-Offer moral and financial support to CPLC and its campaigns.

-Organize Police Patrolling

-Arrange awareness talks / programs

-Encourage elders, relatives and neighbours to participate in elections

-Keep your area lighted

-Love your family, your city, your country and your people, we are one Nation. Proud to be a Pakistani