Mobile Theft Minimizing Tips

  • Keep your children away of having their own mobile phone. It can harm their lives as well
    Dont let your children under 18 use their mobile phones, especially when they are out of house. The snatcher can harm their lives as well.
  • Make sure that your mobile connection is against your own name
    Always make sure that the sim is transferred to your own name so you can block your sim when your cell fone is missing.
  • Dont forget to notedown your phone IMEI Number.
    It is a 15 digit phone manufacturer number found behind the battery, or you can see it on your cell by dialing *#06#. It will help you to block your handset to be used after missing or snatching.
  • Keep it hidden, Keep it save. Always hide your mobile when you are on road alone, especially late at night
  • Always check whether your Sim Pin code is activated. It will help you to protect your number after being theft or missed. Call your Mobile operator immediately to block your number
  • Always keep your phone Security Code activated. Dont forget to change the Security code. It will help to secure your phone to some extent. Change the security code from by default security code. Some of the by default security codes for different mobile manufacturers are
Mobile Model Generic Security Code
Nokia 12345
Ericsson 0000
Motorola 000000
Sony 0000
Sagem 0000
Samsung 00000000
Siemens just enter your choice
  • Keep your mobile in your pocket or in your bag while you are travelling or on shopping. It will minimize the mobile missing or theft by 20 to 30 percent.
  • If your Phone is found missing, immediately call 15 or CPLC 1261 at once. Call your servioce provide and block your sim, so no one can use your number for any wrong deed.
  • Try to use your sim card memory for number saving as well as the phone memory, also take backup of your contact records regularly so in case of losing your mobile, the contact information would be remain save.
  • Always be Alert, make yourself will keep your handset 90 percent secure of being missing.